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How to make your school bag event worthy

How to make your school bag event worthy!
Backpack lovers like me always want to wear a school bag to events, but how to rock it!
Hand bags are not really my thing; they are too expensive and things I cannot afford hold little or no appeal to me. XD
Shop for the pretiest tiniest leather school bags in the market, and it becomes easier to pair them!
See how I paired my brown leather school bag with my brown suede lace up heel? Goodnews is if you have a short gown, you can pair them with pretty flats too!
My anti reflexive (or is it photo chronic) glasses makes everything prettier! 
Remember that when taking a picture outdoors, the sun is your bestfriend! 
So, go rock that school bag at that event! It's totally normal. ;)

P.s: I screenshoted this picture from a video I took and edited the mousetrap outta it. I'm awesome right.

bye sassy girls!
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Learning make up from youtube

Damn, that flat tommy! Okay, this post is not about my tommy or my amazing hair. This is what happens when we try to learn makeup from youtube. How do you guys do it?

You know the way they are so generous with their foundation and LA girl concealer on youtube? Well, I was too! So how come I eneded up like this, huh, tell me!

I got a contour palette and everything, yet...

For those interested, I got all my makeup stuff at really cheap prices!

Makeup kit details loading...

Virgin hair dairies

My natural virgin hair is a year this October! And this is what it looks like. Yay, right?

What I use to maintain my natural hair

I use the locally made Ori; some people cal it okuma or however it's spelled. The English name for it is Shea butter.

I also apply coconut oil, and olive oil (when I can't afford coconut oil).

That's it.

There's no need applying all kinds of sorcery on your hair. Hair products are not magic. Too much of these products cause dandruff, scalp itching, and what not (and these are just the ones I experienced first hand). So girlie, please just apply coconut oil and Shea butter, and go your way.

P.S: I'm learning how to make up from youtube. It's still sloppy, but give me time xd.

Byeeeeee your sassy girl loves y'all.

Orange Vintage Shirt

Orange Vintage Shirt

This is how this shirt happened. My mum went shopping and bought a bunch of clothes she'll never wear (This happens to many of my friends).

My mum, after testing the clothes and deciding she didn't like them afterall, decided to pass me this orange coloured shirt. I took it sweetly and said thank you momma but i knew i was never going to put that orange thingy on.

How many yellow butterfly orange-ish shirts have i thrown away ¿

One beautiful sunny day, I was bored. My eyes caught the ugly shirt hanging in my closet and inspiration struck. The sun, my skin, glow, shirt, pretty.

So, i took the shirt out for the first time since i got it, and HERE WE ARE!

Not quite. When i saw the outcome of the pictures, i fell in love.

Need i say more?

I realised how many different ways i could rock the shirt and it got me pumping.

To be continued...

P.s: My glasses broke. Did y'all notice?

Black Spring Flowers

Goodbye Spring 🌺 *sniff* It's a cold Friday in Africa, today. *more sniffs*

Today is the perfect day to post that flower snapie XD

I've been so stressed lately due to school and life in general. I am in dire need of a vacation, but as exams start in two weeks times, I have no choice but to read.

Spring don't go please, we love you.πŸ˜‚

I am not a huge fan of Summer. 🌴

Black Spring Flowers

The other day, I saw a man get off a cab. He was holding a bouquet of roses, and I could only stare.

My friend turned to me and asked, "Do men like this still exist?"

I couldn't even form words. I could only blink. I blinked hard.

You see, this is a very rare sight where I come from. People hardly value romance these days.

I wish!

Oh, how I wish.

Men would open the doors,

Ladies would like.

Men would buy roses,

Ladies would love.

I guess, deep deep down, I am still that old fashioned girl.

Lovin' Black Spring Flowers. 🌼

Black Girl Sassy Green Hair

It's a beautiful day in Africa, and the perfect time to spice up your hairdo. So, there's a blond trend going on right now, but because I have a rebellious spirit πŸ˜‚ amma go green or go home. XD

Black Girl Sassy Green Hair.

Just don't wear a Vintage Denim Jacket like I did. Nigerian weather at this time is too hot for those.
Don't be sad.  Ripped Jeans are perfect for the weather!
And so is Green hair!
Photo credit: Campig
Outfit: Blue Queen (for a royal feeling) denim Jacket. Random old white shirt with peacock design. Ripped denim Jeans Pretty sneakers I bought at Ariaria, Aba market. 😎

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Have a SASSY day! 😘

Go-getters rule the World!

#melaninpopping #featured #blogger #proudLYafricAN #proudlynigerian #styleblogger
I am super excited today, because I have a Red alert for you guys!
I am finally getting a domain name!!! hmu XD Go-getter rule the world! They say I am a go-getter. Well, guess what? Go-getters rule the world! So, if you really want to do something, do it! Don't wait for nothing to stop you.

My mum always says, "I am where I am today because of my determination." Determination leads to success. Do not accept NO for anything, if you CAN get a YES!

Let nothing, and I mean NOTHING, stop you from getting where you want to be in life.
I know what I want in life, and I won't stop, until I get it. Even after then, I'll continue to get what I want, because guess what? I CAN.

Quick question: Leather bag or Leather Shoes?

Gimme a leather school bag any day 😍😍. I think I am in love with leather. Do you guys know any leather hair??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Question of the day: Vintage Denim …